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Before Re-Wired Entertainment supplies any service or equipment hire, The client must read, agree and sign the below terms and conditions.

Section 1 - Booking Details

Re-Wired Entertainment asks that there is adequate set-up time available. 60 minutes before the start time of the event and 45 minutes after the event to break down the equipment and leave the venue. If this time is not given, it may delay the start of the entertainment. If there are any access issues or stairs, the client must inform Re-Wired Entertainment when booking to allow Re-Wired Entertainment to plan accordingly

Section 2 - Payment Details

The client can make a payment straight into Re-Wired Entertainment’s bank account via BACs. After making a payment, the client should notify Re- Wired Entertainment so it can be logged and acknowledged.

No booking is secure with Re-Wired Entertainment until a non-refundable deposit is received. Which is a small percentage of the total agreed price paid upfront. The amount of this is depending on what service is being supplied. Re-Wired Entertainment will only hold an enquiry on record for 24 hours from the first point of contact.

Please note: Once a deposit has been paid, this is the client, agreeing to and understanding these Terms and Conditions.

All outstanding balances are to be paid at least 7 days before the date of the event. If full payment is not made at least 7 days prior, Re-Wired Entertainment reserves the right to cancel.

Section 3 - Equipment Hire

When hiring equipment without the DJ, Re-Wired Entertainment requires full clarification on what it will be used for i.e. Speeches, Background Music, Evening Parties etc.

Any hired equipment that has been booked is the client’s responsibility, should any items be moved in the venue or removed from the venue by the client or guests and not available for collection, a charge will be applied to replace this item and a further charge should Re-Wired Entertainment not be able to fulfil another booking.

It is the client's responsibility to ensure the venue has adequate sockets for items. Should there not be enough sockets for electrical hire items to be installed, Re-Wired Entertainment cannot be held responsible.

All clients must make sure that the room/venue is ready for Re-Wired Entertainment to set the equipment up at the agreed time.

Once Re-Wired Entertainment has set up equipment, if the venue allows any persons to enter the room prior to your arrival, Re-Wired Entertainment will not take any responsibility for any movement of items and any damaged items will incur a charge to the client. It is important to understand that once Re-Wired Entertainment has set up the equipment and left the venue, it is then the client's responsibility to ensure it is safe, secure and remains undamaged.

Section 4 - Selfie Pod

The selfie pod that is available for hire is a 2023 IPAD pro inside a selfie pod structure. A selfie pod is different to a photo booth as it doesn't use a DSLR camera so the image won't be high quality and it doesn't print out pictures. However, it is a fraction of the price of a photo booth and the client still is able to capture the moment.

The selfie pod hire comes with dressing-up items and a customisable home screen. After the event, Re-Wired Entertainment will send a link to the client where they have 7 days to download all the digital photos taken.

Section 5 - Damages

Should any damages be caused to Re-Wired Entertainments equipment by the client, the venue, guests (or any persons during hire) The client will be charged for the full retail price plus VAT and delivery for a replacement. Re-Wired Entertainment will not attempt to repair or have the item repaired as this can lead to issues in the sound, lighting and to the venues where they draw electricity from.

Any damage is the client's sole responsibility. Re-Wired Entertainment has the right to claim for damages to any equipment. On occasions that Re- Wired Entertainment leaves the equipment on a venue's premises overnight ready for the next day/evening. The client or venue does not have permission from Re-Wired Entertainment to move any equipment. If the venue has booked the room/venue out the next day this is not Re-Wired Entertainment's responsibility. Re-Wired Entertainment would have told the client and the venue prior to the event day, if they cannot collect on the same day. Should Re-Wired Entertainment not be able to collect as agreed, They will endeavour to contact the client or the venue. This still does not give any person the right to move the hired equipment, until Re-Wired Entertainment collects and is satisfied of its condition. Please be made aware that Re-Wired Entertainment take pictures of hired stock prior to leaving any premises/venues. This is for records should any damages occur whilst being hired by the client. Damages to Re-Wired Entertainments equipment also extend to Re-Wired Entertainments vehicles.

Section 6 - Alcohol & Music Licences

In some instances, the booking may exceed the venue's alcohol and music licenses. It is the client’s responsibility to obtain the full and correct information in relation to the finish time of the event and the music finish time for the event as these can occasionally be two different times. Should Re-Wired Entertainment arrive at the venue to be advised by the venue staff that there is an earlier finish time than what the client, has previously advised then Re-Wired Entertainment will finish at the time stipulated by the venue staff to ensure they adhere to the venues licensing requirements. No refund of any kind will be issued from Re-Wired Entertainment if the music must stop or equipment must be packed down due to direction from the venue. It is the client's responsibility to ensure the venue holds the correct alcohol and music licences.

Section 7 - Changes to any booking

Should the client wish to change the date or location of the event, they must let Re-Wired Entertainment know asap. Should Re-Wired Entertainment not have availability due to a date of an event change, It will be the client’s choice to cancel the booking and forfeit the deposit or full amount if within 7 days of the event.

All changes must be made by email to No telephone or in-person changes will be accepted.

Section 8 - Venue Charges

It is the client's sole responsibility to check if the venue charges a fee to bring in an external DJ or an event supplier. Should there be a charge, Re- Wired Entertainment will not be responsible for that charge. This is down to the client to ensure this has been paid. Any fee for an external DJ or event supplier will not be deducted from the price of the client's agreement with Re-Wired


Section 9 - Cancellations

Re-Wired Entertainment will be holding the date exclusively for the client. The potential loss of work in the event of a cancellation is real and tangible. If cancelled within 7 days of the event, Re-Wired Entertainment will not refund any payment made.

Cancellations must be made by email to No telephone or in-person cancellations will be accepted.

Section 10 - Conduct

The client is responsible for all guests and their actions as detailed below:

The client will provide adequate supervision of their guests, including children, and will be liable for any theft, or damage to Re-Wired Entertainment’s equipment caused by anyone attending the event.

No violence, aggressive or abusive behaviour from anyone will be tolerated. Re-Wired Entertainment reserves the right to terminate the booking at any time without a refund if the entertainer’s personal safety is under threat or equipment is purposefully damaged.

It is the client’s responsibility to inform Re-Wired Entertainment of any guests who suffer from medical conditions that may be affected by strobe, laser, UV or flashing lights prior to the event.

Section 11 - The Venue

The client should contact the venue and ensure that there is a safe and adequate power source available.

If the event start time is delayed due to the inability of Re-Wired Entertainment to gain access to the venue or any other delay beyond Re-Wired Entertainment’s control, the client will not be eligible for a refund.

Re-Wired Entertainment cannot accept any responsibility for electrical faults or power cuts in the venue.

If you have booked a smoke/Haze machine you will need to obtain permission from the venue. Re-Wired Entertainment will not be held responsible should our smoke/haze machine trigger any alarms in the venue or require a fire service call out.

If the venue has a sound limiter, Re-Wired Entertainment cannot control when and if the power cuts off due to excessive noise from music or guests.

Any potential hazards must be pointed out by the client or the venue staff at the time of set up.

Section 12 - Other

Re-Wired Entertainment cannot be held responsible for not having any specific songs unless this has been requested prior to the event date and confirmed by the DJ that it is available to play. Re-Wired Entertainment cannot guarantee to obtain or play all the songs requested.

Re-Wired Entertainment uses premium, reliable equipment however during any event with any entertainment, very rarely equipment can malfunction. Re-Wired Entertainment may need to change or reset the equipment in order to rectify any issues.

Re-Wired Entertainment will leave with enough time to travel to the venue and will not be held responsible for acts of mother nature (e.g., snow, floods) and/or any road closures or delays to the venue.

Re-Wired Entertainment may take photos and videos for use on social media platforms or their website. These may be used in promotional materials, if this is an issue, the client should email Re-Wired Entertainment before the event starts and inform them.

Any breaches of the Terms and Conditions could be dealt with legally. By accepting the booking, The client agrees to the above Terms and Conditions and accepts this as a legally binding contract.

Please note, you have not booked Re-Wired Entertainment until you receive a confirmation email with an invoice attached.

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