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Meet The DJ's  

Re-Wired Entertainment have multiple DJ's that each have a specific Genre or type of music that they love, understand and can perform at your event.


Meet the Team below....



TJ caught the buzz for DJ’ing as a teenager. He had a full mobile disco setup and an advert in the yellow pages before he could drive.


in 2007 he performed under the name Re-Wired Disco. Starting out for friends birthday parties…Re-Wired Disco quickly took off, he soon had a residency spot in Bournemouth and most weekends he could be found DJ’ing all over Dorset. 


At 19 he joined the military so the music took a back seat however he did manage to sneak in the odd booking here and there and even got behind the decks in a few German clubs whilst posted abroad. 


In 2019 he started Re-Wired Entertainment and although it has been tough through the pandemic, this year TJ has been busy with a whole range of different gigs. He loves 80’s music, dance, Current chart Pop music and a bit of Cheese! (Who doesn’t)


DJ Joe

Joe started DJ’ing as a teenager.


His family friend was a local popular DJ. He mentored Joe, taking him to weddings and events as his assistant. 


At the age of 16 Joe had a full set of mobile DJ equipment and began to perform his own events. 


He has a long history with Re-Wired as he used to DJ alongside TJ in Bournemouth Hotels for Xmas functions in 2007. 


He most enjoy’s playing 70’S & 80’s rock throwbacks and singalong’s such as ‘livin’ on a prayer’ and ‘don’t stop believin’ but He also enjoys mixing house music, especially outside on a summers evening. 


DJ Harry 

Harry started on the decks in 2013 spending a number of years honing his skills at home and for family & friends however in the past year he has began to perform to larger audiences with Re-Wired Entertainment and he is loved by all clients that book him. 


His attention to detail is impeccable. A true music and equipment Geek, Harry is more like a Music Engineer. He specialises in Drum and Bass however has a soft spot for 90’s classics. He has a wide knowledge of all decades and receives brilliant reviews. Recent bookings have ranged from wedding receptions with mixed age groups in the audience  to 18th birthday parties.


DJ Jamie 

Jamie’s passion for music started when he was 6 years old playing the piano and the trumpet. This ignited a flame within him for music and he’s never looked back.


Jamie was surrounded by 70's disco and 80s R&B growing up and he most enjoys dropping R&B, HipHop and House music.


He has over 10 years experience as a DJ with a vast knowledge of music and will play anything with a good beat that gets the crowd going. 

Jamie’s passion for music started when he was 6 years old playing the piano and the trumpet. This ignited a flame within him for music and he’s never looked back.


DJ Lee

Lee’s passion and expertise is focused on Trance, Hard Trance, HardStyle & Hardcore. If you are planning an event and want a Rave, Lee is the DJ for you.


He has a background in electronic music production & performance dating back to the year 2000 when he would be relentlessly mixing, beat matching and creating tracks on records as a teenager.


Lee has vast experience performing at Parties, Raves & Events building a reputation with his energetic sets.


Not limiting his talents to the stage alone, Lee has held residencies on the Radio with regular slots through Headrush Radio and Global Dance Radio. 


If you want to book  ‘The Rave Experience’ Get in touch today!


DJ Woody 

Woody is Re-Wired Entertainment’s apprentice. The young blood, the next generation. He is building his musical knowledge and working on the fundamentals of DJ’ing starting from the ground up and developing his technical knowledge of putting together quality sound and light equipment. 


He is new to the scene however he brings his own value to the the team, being in his late teens he is deeply rooted in current chart music and always ahead of the next best artist.


With over 20,000 TIKTOK followers he is up to date with the current trends and is a perfect DJ assistant to any party for young people.


It won’t be long until Woody is out in the Bars & Clubs spinning the latest tracks on his own. 

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